When Jesus saw the people throwing stones at prostitute, the first thing He asked them was “the one who has never committed sin can throw the stone at her”. After this statement no one was left there cause they all were sinners. 

Bible reminds us that nobody is perfect for all have sinned. That means you and me are on same boat:) Our own sins, no matter how few or seemingly insignificant, disqualify us as judges of other people’s sins. Stop bullying others, cause God has not sent you to find fault in our stars rather He has created you to share joy and love with His beautiful creation. Therefore friends, always try to live in peace with others. If a person hates you love him more, this will make the hater burn in shame, later or sooner he/she will realize his/her mistake, and will thank you for showing them the way.

At last to the one whom the world rejects or hates, I remind them what once Sachin Tendulkar has said, “When people throw stones at you, you turn them into milestones.” Let them judge you, their opinions are not your problem. You stay kind and committed to love. Don’t you dare doubt your worth. Just keep on shining like you do.

This is a simple moral ethic that you can try to accomplish. Give it a shot.